Half a Billion Ediacaran fossil jewellery

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Handmade silver jewellery


Note: While we match up the Paua shell that look the most alike for the best effect, each piece of shell is unique, and no two pairs of earrings will look exactly the same. This is part of the natural beauty of Paua shell.

Trib and Paua shell earrings (md)

  • These silver Trib earrings - with their unique symmetry and gorgeous curved radiating lines, are complemented by the beautiful blue hues and soft satin finish of the Paua shell.


    Tribrachidium (Try-brac-ee-dee-um) has three ‘arms’ that spiral outward in a clockwise direction. It is the oldest known suspension-feeding animal that we know. This unique three-fold symmetry is found in celtic symbols thousands of years old, but nature did it first half a billion years ago!


    Paua shell discs are 3.5 cm in diameter.


    Sustainably sourced Paua shell.

    Sterling silver posts and backs.

    Made in South Australia.


10% of all profits go toward Ediacaran research at the South Australian Museum