Half a Billion Ediacaran fossil jewellery

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Handmade silver jewellery


Sprig Bar Studs

  • These little silver bar studs are right on trend, plus they are real casts of an early animal fossil - so they will always have meaning. Wear them however you like - horizontal, vertical or on a angle.


    Spriggina (Sprig-ee-na) is the oldest animal fossil on Earth discovered with a head! This small but complex fossil is thought to be an ancestor of arthropods (e.g. crabs, prawns, insects). This particular specimen is of a highly detailed juvenile Spriggina - superbly preserved in the sand that cast the original animal. 


    Sterling silver posts and backs

    Solid sterling silver earrings made in South Australia


10% of all profits go toward Ediacaran research at the South Australian Museum